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Twenty years ago, we started building websites. We realised quickly that it’s not enough. Most websites just don’t work because the owners were writing the websites themselves and that’s not their speciality. So, we employed expert marketing copywriters to write their website for them, it made a big difference but again it wasn’t enough, they couldn’t be found on Google so the websites needed search engine optimisation. We employed search engine specialists to do that at well.

Today we help thousands of small and medium business owners be very successful. We are not a web design company, we are a web design AND marketing company working together to convert visitors to buyers and we do it very well. So well that we have written seminars for local government to help local businesses.  

If we can be of any more help, get in touch by telephone on 0333 666 7 888 (local rate) or by e-mail at

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Tony Spinks

Tony Spinks

SDG Web and Marketing

Tony Spinks

Tony Spinks
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